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Fidget Spinners: The Best & Easiest Tricks to Perform With a Toy

What is a fidget spinner? This has certainly become a big question as more and more see the spinner toys available. Spinners are hand toys in which you can spin and perform tricks on them and they are not too costly. However, there are lots of tricks and skills to learn and they really can offer so much. These aren’t just for children, though, as lots of adults use them as well. So, which tricks are the best and easiest to perform?

The Convertible

You might already know about the Convertible but this is the most basic trick out there and still remains one of the very best too. So, start off with your middle finger and thumb pinching the toy. When you do this, you can slowly start spinning. After a few moments you can slowly move the spinner from one finger to the other. You can alternate between your thumb and middle finger and it’s not as difficult to do as you might think. With the best fidget spinner you can succeed.

The Reverse Sonic

If you are able to grasp the basics pretty quickly then why not move onto something more challenging? The Reverse Sonic can be a wonderful idea and while it is a little more challenging it’s still pretty easy to pick up if you put your mind to it. So, take your fidget spinner and take your index and thumb and pick it up. Start spinning the toy and when you feel ready, toss the toy into the air—the goal is to catch it with your thumb and index finger. However, you don’t want to stop spinning, you want it to continue to spin without any loss of motion. This is a little more challenging than it sounds but again, once you put your mind to it, it shouldn’t be overly difficult, especially if you practice a lot.

The Polarity Switch

Fidget CubeStart off by spinning the toy with your thumb and index fingers. When you have gotten some motion going you want to almost flip it so you must toss it but not too hard. You want a soft movement with the hand so that you get a fluid motion. When the spinner comes back down you want to attempt to catch it with your index and thumb fingers. The trick is to make it toss horizontally rather than vertically adding a new element to the trick. With the best finger spinner you can succeed. This is really easy with a bit of practice behind you so practice as much as you can. view more from

Learn What Is a Finger Spinner and It’s Many Tricks

Finger spinners are very simple tools; they allow you to spin a toy that has three finger holes available and they can be used to try some simple spinning tricks. You have lots of amazing tricks to try and the best thing of all is that most of them are incredibly easy. Yes, many of them can seem really complicated and confusing but once you put in some time and effort—not to forget practice—you can succeed. Love to learn new fidget spinner tricks and you can really become a master at it.

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